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Agency for management and marketing in area of professional sports

Alti Sport, established in 2004, is the most influential and strongest agency in athlete representation in Eastern Europe with offices in Russia, Poland and Serbia.

AltiSport negotiated top contracts for its client players and coaches in Europe. So far we have represented top players such as Trajan Langdon, Travis Best, Ruben Wolkowyski, Melvin Booker, GianMarco Pozzeco, Aleksey Shved as well as top coaches i.e. Sergio Scariolo, Rimas Kurtinaitis, Ilias Zouros etc...

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and help teams to achieve their goals. We broaden horizons and lead our clients to professional heights. Collaborating with: Priority Sports, Warren LeGarie, Vadim Mikhalevskiy-Rosette International.


FIBA licensed (license nr 2007019222) and NBA certified agent

He is a graduate of Bellevue Community College and Warsaw School of Econimics (Szkola Glowna Handlowa) where he recieved masters degree in marketing and management.
ALTI SPORT company was established in 2003 by Obrad Fimic with its headquarter in Warsaw, Poland.

Company started it's way to the top agency level of Eastern Europe and to one of the most influential European agencies where it is now by being first in placing top players to other Russian clubs than CSKA Moscow. Among first over million dollars negotiated contract clients where Kaspars Kambala to Unics Kazan, former Olympic Champion with Argentina Ruben Wolkowyski to BC Khimki Moscow Region, former NBA Travis Best in Unics Kazan, first Italian player in Russia was GianMarco Pozzeco.
One of the best shooters in EuroLeague history was with us for seven seasons until his retirement Trajan Langdon, strated in Dynamo Moscow, and continued for a long successful streak with CSKA Moscow.

On the other side ALTI SPORT spread it representation to coaches, and brought to Khimki Moscow Region one of the biggest names in European basketball Sergio Scarilo who became later also Spanish National team coach. Two times European Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, and other european names like Ilias Zouros, Rimas Kurtinaitis, Sergey Bazarevich and others....

Since 2012 ALTI SPORT  spread its activate to NBA and negotiated three year deal with Minnesota Timberwolves for Alexey Shved.

ALTI SPORT also had a stint with other disciplines, in 2008 closed a contract for a German football coach Jurgen Roeber with Saturn Ramenskoe.
Even doe hockey is not what we are specialized but for close to two years Obrad Fimic together with Hall Pass Media negotiated marketing contract on behalf of NHL star Alexander Ovechkin. We are also present in Volleyball.



Agency for management and marketing in area of professional sports

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